Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another Tought Concerning Petrit Vasi

A reader brought up an intriguing idea.

I've never liked the theory that Maura hit Petrit Vasi with her car the night she had the breakdown at work. I just don't see how she could have snuck out and back so quickly, without being seen.

But what if it was a friend who borrowed her car? And that friend hit Vasi.

Was that why they were traveling in tandem into New Hampshire? Was the plan to get rid of or damage Maura's car, and return to Amherst together? Did the accident then change their plan?

It would explain a lot of things, not to mention the amount of alcohol and the interest in lodgings with two bedrooms.

What do you think?

Monday, April 14, 2014

**UPDATED** Coordinates

This got caught in my spam folder for a couple days but someone using a program to obscure their true IP and email address sent me coordinates for a location in the White Mountains.

Depending on how you interpret the info, the coordinates lead to a small section off a hiking path, or half-way up the face of a mountain.

Probably a hoax, but, again, worth checking. Whoever sent this would like us to believe this is where Maura's body is located. So, it's either someone with knowledge of her death or a person with a sick and twisted agenda.

In the future, if you have a tip like this, please provide a photograph for verification.

** Editor's Note: It is still, as the locals say, "Winter in the Whites". Lots of snow left on the mountains. Only experienced hikers should venture there.**

Here's a report from a reader who volunteered to check out the coordinates over the weekend:

Sorry to take so long to get back to you, but the post hike beers won't drink themselves. Here's what I can tell you about the day. 
I enlisted three friends of mine from the Boston area, all of whom are experienced technical climbers, and a close work associate with a decade experience in digital topography. The three grads headed directly for the Sawyer River Road, to make the 7+ mile accent to the top of Carrigain, while my colleague and I headed for the closed Bear Notch Pass, to make a far less technical one and a half mile snowshoe trek to the second possible waypoint. 
The two of us were able to locate the Bear Notch Pass waypoint at about 10:40am and spent nearly two hours in the immediate area investigating any and all possible anomalies. The area is a logging area, and fairly open, but unfortunately we were hampered by the 24 to 36 inches of snow still remaining in the pass. We were able to locate nothing unusual. If there's something there, and it's not three or more feet in the air, it may take several weeks until we can find it with the current amount of snow on the ground. 
The Carrigain team had similar luck. They reached their waypoint at just after 12:30pm, and spent over an hour in the area. They reported snow at that elevation of between 36 and 48 inches, with some drifts even higher. Like us, nothing was evidently visible, and the ground has 100% snow coverage.
Everyone returned to the southern end of Crawford Notch safely by 7pm. 
We voted unanimously over dinner at the Truant Tavern in Woodstock, to come back in a few weeks, ideally with increased numbers, but until the snow melts I'm afraid there isn't much more we can do for you. It may be mid spring in the rest of the country, but the mountains have their own calendar. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Maura Murray Documentary Gains Momentum

These guys are talented filmmakers from greater Boston. I'm not sure what they're doing, exactly, or who all they've spoken to, but I think this is going to be superb.

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MauraMurrayDoc

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Urgent! Need feet on ground in the White Mountains

I need an experienced hiker who is proficient with GPS and geocaching.

Email me asap: jameswrenner@gmail.com

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bad Troll!

Reporters make mistakes. Actually, they make mistakes all the time. But sometimes they make a biggish one. The fellow sending me threatening and angry emails appears not to have been John Healy. Sorry John.

Let me explain step by step.

The night of April 1 I redirected the audience of this blog to my personal website in order to try to discover who it was who has been sending me threatening messages under the name "Aaron Swartz". These messages began to address my family. The same thing happened to Sam Ledyard, prompting him to shut down his blog.

One of the people who responded, did so using an IP in New Hampshire. The IP linked to the email: ispyeverywhere@yahoo.com

That email was also used here:

That appears in the comments section of an article related to the Molly Bish case (which some believe may be connected to Maura, as Bish disappeared not far from where Maura went to college).

"Det Columbo" is the moniker also used by John on Topix.

A follow up email from this person clearly wanted me to believe this person was John Healy, a PI I've interviewed, who did a bit of work on Maura's case and showed interest in the Bish case as well.

Turns out Det. Columbo is actually John Wolfman Smith, a New Hampshire carny, from Clark's Trading Post.

Whenever Wolfman posts, "Aaron Swartz" is not far behind, either on Topix or this blog.

Over on Facebook, Wolfman and Alden Olson are pretty tight. Olson, you may recall, was the creep who taunted Maura's family on the anniversary of her disappearance. Olson also posted a video on YouTube that showed pictures of my four year old son playing in my front yard.

It's also worth noting that the second term that comes up when you search Wolfman's email address on Google is this:

That's a sketchy website where young men post stories about masturbating.

All this, of course, is very distracting to what's really important, finding out what happened to Maura Murray.

But this needed to be addressed before the trolls overran the comments section of this blog, which should serve to generate leads and not further some weird agenda.

I am turning the comments back on. You are all welcome to comment, though I will be deleting any threatening or attacking posts. I have finally found a plugin that works in Blogger to track IPs of visitors. I hope, after reading this, you can understand why I've decided to do so.

Let's get back to the case, now, please.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

**UPDATED** Who Are You?

It's going to take me some time to get through all the information that came in last night. I have a couple people helping me track back these IPs. I'm assuming most of these are the kind, quiet, helpful readers who make this blog what it is. But there are some who have been threatening. And there is the possibility that Maura, herself, or the person who caused her harm, checked in last night. If you can help us condense some of these location, that would help.

Also, are there any locations below you think we should be particularly interested in? The most interest so far is someone checking in from Wichita, using multiple proxies.

Here are the cities from which people were reading the site at Midnight last night, whose IPs were logged:

Well, I didn't really expect this. One IP (from a threatening email) led back to the Manchester area and connected to an address used by Det. Columbo, aka John Wolfman, even though he was using the name "Dennis". I expected better of him. (Another avatar was posing as pi John Healy, which led to some confusion earlier. My apologies.)

Chelsea, MA
Devon, PA
Lowell, MA
Perth, AU
Springfield, MA
Portsmouth, RI
Savannah, GA
Ashburn, VA
Auburn, ME
Old Town, ME
Weare, NH
Modesto, CA
Hyannis, MA
Buffalo, NY
Deception Bay, AU
Saskatoon, CA
Foster City, CA
Lincoln, NH
Nashville, TN
El Dorado, KS
New Orleans, LA
Plano, TX
Encinitas, CA
Coal City, IL
Winter Park, FL
Southaven, MS
San Antonio, TX
Milford, MA
Boston, MA
Barrington, NH
Englewood, CO
Brookline, MA
Waxhaw, NC
New Orleans, LA
Springfield, IL
Boone, NC
Reading, PA
Clarksville, TN
Manchester, NH (Bridge & Ash)
Plattsburgh, NY
Rochester, NH
Weymouth, MA
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Newton, KS
Omaha, NE
Perth, AU
Palatine, IL
Hartford, CT
Hagerstown, MD
Chandler, AZ
Standford, CA
Wichita, KS
Port Orange, FL
Charlotte, NC
Charleston, WV
Taipei, TW
Orange Park, FL
Missoula, MT
Louisville, KY
Globe, AZ
Chicago, IL
Phoenix, AZ
Madison, MS
Alamo Heights, TX
Bedford, TX
Kingston, NY
Sugar Hill, NH
Yakima, WA
Westfield, NJ
San Rafael, CA
New Hyde Park, NY
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Rochester, NH
Keller, TX
Doylestown, PA
Queen City, TX
San Fran, CA
Olney, MD
Buford, GA
Warner, NH
Southaven, MS
New Berlin, WI

Hull, MA

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together


I've got a family. A wife. Two kids.

Over the last few days, as the comments on this blog have gotten angrier and more threatening I've been backed into a corner. They've all but hijacked the comments section of a blog meant to find Maura Murray (or at least to find what happened to her). These commenters are hiding behind the anonymity of the internet and threatening my family.

On Wordpress, there is a plugin you can use which logs I.P.'s of those visiting your site.

With the I.P. you can find location.

And with Whitepages, you can find address and name.

I needed info on commenters from Manchester, Hanson, and Weymouth. And they all dropped by tonight.


There's another reason I did this, too.

If Maura is being held (like those women in Cleveland) I thought it likely the person responsible would drop by. Or, hey, maybe Maura herself. So I will be logging the I.P.'s and send them all to NH Cold Case tomorrow. Perhaps it will kick up some new leads.

Some interesting things I noted:

Someone in Chelsea is VERY interested in this announcement. As is someone in Perth, Australia.


Now would be a good time to apologize. But do it with your real name for once.


My apologies for this ruse. Hopefully it will be worth while. I will get comments running again, soon.