Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Did UMass Police Use Maura Murray as Confidential Informant?

UMass police are currently caught up in a unbelievable scandal, according to the Boston Globe. Seems the university cops were in the habit of cutting deals with students they caught doing illegal things, if they would narc on their peers. It all came out when one of their confidential informants (whom they could have helped by notifying therapists and parents) overdosed and died.

At the time Maura disappeared, she had cut a deal with a local judge after UMass police caught her in a credit card fraud sting.

I wonder. Was she providing them with the names of other students involved in identity theft?

Monday, September 29, 2014

An overdue update

A lot of people are wondering about the status of the book and my investigation into Maura's disappearance.

A couple quick updates:

- I've spoken to Lance recently and he's hard at work on the documentary.

- I am actively editing the book with my agent. It will be published in 2015, possibly under a new title.

- There have been some more sightings of Maura (or people who look and act like Maura).

- I have spoken several times with the prosecutor in Hadley, Mass. as Alden Olson continues to threaten my kids.

Hopefully I'll have some solid news soon.

As always, if you have a tip, feel free to send it here:

James Renner

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ed Lanpher Speaks Out

I just got off the phone with retired chemist, Ed Lanpher. His name showed up in documents related to Maura's case as he was the only other person to FOIA Fred's Murray's case against the state of NH before me. I also wondered if he may be the man who calls himself "Pomkik," who has threatened my family.

Happy to report that Ed Lanpher is not Pomkik.

The 90 year old NH resident tells me he was interested in the Murray V. State of NH documents only because the decision in that case might help him gain access to public records in his home town (the judge's decision made public records more accessible.)

Lanpher was quite polite and believes he's anything but enigmatic.

Kevin Race Disappearance Mimics Maura Murray's Case

In 2007, Kevin Race told his girlfriend that he was going hiking and then drove away from her place in Portsmouth, NH. When he didn't return, they found a note he left behind, in which he talked about going to Mount Washington to find his final resting place. On the surface, it looked like a suicide.

But detectives quickly learned that Race was in trouble for embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars and may have faced 10 years in prison if convicted.

Volunteers combed the woods. No body was ever found.

The first thing Fred suggested to the police when they called him was that Maura may have gone to the mountains to commit suicide. Only later did we learn she was in trouble for credit card fraud.

Many still believe Race is out there, laying low. Is it possible Maura did the same? Or have two bodies disappeared in the gulleys around Mount Washington? What's the most probable answer?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nate Kibby

Having had a front-row seat for the craziness that was the Amanda Berry/Gina DeJesus/Michelle Knight story, I figured we'd never see such a thing again. And now comes this story of Nate Kibby, who has just been arraigned for kidnapping Abigail Hernandez. Whenever a boogeyman pops up in New Hampshire, everyone wants to know if he could be connected to the disappearance of Maura Murray.

I dunno.

We have yet to hear Abby's story. The way NH prosecutors are playing it, we probably won't know the details for weeks. There's a lot about this, the moves everyone's making (from Abby to the prosecutors to the FBI) that I simply don't understand. Did she know Kibby? Did she know where she was at? How did she return?

He was in Conway, though, which is a straight shot down Rt. 112 from where Maura was last seen, in 2004. Kibby would have been 24 at the time. It's interesting to note that he was in trouble last March for rear-ending a vehicle and then assaulting the driver.

If that's what happened in Maura's case, why didn't she head to a neighbor? Or accept Butch Atwood's ride? Certainly she would not have gone with the man who'd just bumped into her, forcing her off the road. If he put the rag in the tailpipe of her car, again we have to wonder why she would go with him and not Atwood.

I'd like to know where Kibby was in 2004. Where was he living? Where was he working?

If she crossed paths with this guy, Maura had astronomically bad luck.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sex and Power

Maura Murray was a troubled young woman. And as I've learned more about her, I've noticed how males in positions of authority around her repeatedly took advantage of her. When she needed help, they asked for sex. Her track coach (not the first time for him, as I've learned). These three upperclassmen who passed her around one night. And there were others.

I believe Maura is alive. I want to believe. I hope she turned the tables on these men and made a clean break and is living somewhere in anonymity.

But if she was murdered, it wouldn't have been some random stranger on the side of the road. It would have been a male she knew with some manner of authority over her.

Lt. Scarinza believes Maura was pregnant when she disappeared. That's a good motive.

If I were law enforcement, I would take another hard look at the men in positions of power around her. Teachers. Doctors. Others more close.

She was often drawn to this type and they never missed the opportunity to take advantage of her.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Maura Participated in Track Team Orgies

Confirmed by three members of the 2002/03 UMass Track team.

Maura and a friend were invited to secret track parties at the UMass athletic pool. Upperclassmen from the track team had the keys. Everyone brought booze.

Three men, one night.

The men involved are now semi-famous businessmen.

The sources I've spoken to are extremely nervous and frightened at being outed, which I have no intention of doing.

The question is whether Maura confided in any of these men her intention of leaving. Or if the advances were ever aggressive/abusive. According to the men interviewed, she was always a willing participant.

One man says, "Things were quite hedonistic, but that's UMass."

Why mention it? I'm wondering about the location of that party the night before she disappeared. Nobody can agree on the location. Was it the pool?

If you know what happened to Maura Murray, please contact NH police. The email is on this webpage, upper left.